Giftract the gifting app! With a different touch


Giftract giving a different touch to gifting experience

Giftract is a gifting app that helps users with ideas and ways of gifting the near and dear.

Giftract combines the use of a smartphone with emotions to create a gift through the app. User  can use his creativity to design the app using the existing templates, or choose his own theme. One would wonder what is the need of an app when there is always an option to make a video montage, so why build up such an app, the answer is that an app does all this and much more. An app can Hide the messages behind the questions selected by the user. Users can ask their friends a riddle, give them a countdown or send them on a treasure hunt, and many more the list of possibilities is endless with the app. Apart from this users can also challenge their friends by creating games with levels of difficulty and wishes to be unlocked at every stage which is altogether a different approach of greeting. After all, what can be more personal than their own app?

How it all started!

It all started with a group of friends Disha, Sahil and their group of friends who were all in their final year in undergrad, when they happened to have a chat on what farewell gifts they would like to receive. Soon they realized that meaningful options were very few and far between, and it all came down to perfumes, watches and even boxers! After much deliberation, they got together and decided to solve the problem in a different manner, just thinking differently. The result was Giftract, a platform that allows users to custom build an app and gift it to friends, family and loved ones.

This idea was not funded by any major funding groups, it was totally bootstrapped by the young and amateur entrepreneurs. The major idea behind developing such an app is to give people more power of the app. Like Steve Jobs brought personal computers into common peoples homes, the team of Giftract aim to take personalized apps to people’s phones. Buying and using is made very simple. If a user likes an app, they can view the demo and make a purchase. The products range from INR 650 to INR 4000. they area currently in the early revenue stage and getting traction consistently.

Founding members background

Founding members were 4 but just like any startup scenario 2 had to leave unfortunately. So the members currently present in the team are Disha Selarka a BSC IT graduate from UPG College, Mumbai and Sahil Vora a business management graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai. With this currently the team compromises of the 2 founders, 1 graphic designer and lots of consultants.


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