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vamshi krishna

Vamshi Krishna is down but not yet out!!!

Vamshi Krishna is just another individual when looked at. But he stands an epitome of the phrase “Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose”. The word failure is simply tossed away by this CEO of FixU, a fast emerging solutions Startup. But seldom do we think about the true reason behind a failure or that failure can bring out the best in a person.

Vamshi KrishnaBack in 2011, he started a company by the name A coupon aggregator which could now have been a competitor for GrabOn or CouponDunia.

“It was going well for a while, but the lack of technical expertise and Startup exposure lead to me closing down my firm” Vamshi recounts when interviewed by our Indian CEO journalist. Having a planned bootstrapped expansion into Guntur, Vamshi overlooked the technical expertise required to spread the firm in the city.

Vamshi KrishnaMoving on from that he had pitched yet another Startup in 2013 by the name which had to be shelved even before starting. When asked about his failures and what did they attribute, he says “When it comes to starting up something, perseverance is the key. I had problems like lack of funding and technical expertise in that domain. I found it hard to find a suitable co-founder for my pitch. Everyone was motivated by money back then”

Vamshi Krishna belongs to a category where people are purely driven by passion and a zeal to prove themselves and become famous. “I started to devote myself to learn about the Startup ecosystem and everything surrounding it. I’ve attended events, met different people and learned a lot from them” he says.

Flash forward to 2016, Vamshi was living as a PG. One day his landlady had a trouble with water leakage and the plumber came after the entire tank emptied. This hit Vamshi like a eureka moment. He wanted to devise an app which will act as an aggregator for all domestic and home services.

FixU Team

Team FixU

Enter FixU. “FixU is an online web based app which acts as an aggregator for all plumbers, carpenters, electricians etc., who can be called to fix anything in your home, office. The response time is apt and is never more than 10-15 minutes” Vamshi explained.

FixU is bootstrapped as of now and is on the lookout for investors. The core team consists of Nikhil( who is the COO and Pradeep(2 years of marketing experience) as the marketing head.

When asked what he would like to give to the Startup community and young entrepreneurs he says” Never let people judge you on your failures. All people see are success and failures but never the effort and hard work. No matter how many times you fall, learn to pick yourselves and try again till you succeed”.

Vamshi believes in art of war :”Attack the enemy where he isn’t strong” when it comes to competition. FixU, which comes with a tagline ‘Your Private Professional’ tackles with all of the domestic problems. “We believe in selling quality, not coupons. we aim to fix your tap leakage before your tank is flushed off” says Vamshi beaming widely.

With all that is to come, we wish FixU all the very best.



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