My experience with TATA CLiQ


First time experience with Tata CLiQ app

As you know one of the biggest business houses in India, TATA entered the e-commerce space with an intelligent platform called CLiQ. The platform is user friendly. To make users download and use the app/website TATA had a promotional offer of RS 500 off on any items bought upto 28th May 2016. A large conglomerate like TATA Group has enough funds to come up with a “better than the best“ platform and they are only looking for profitability through this e-commerce arm.

TATA Group has a strong brand name and unlike other e-commerce platforms they do not need to depend on discounts to generate revenue. TATA also has apparel and electronic stores around India so they do not need a warehouse for the product storage. Their service of delivery or pickup from store is similar to WallMart in USA. CliQ will help them tap into the middle class retail segment. I believe in TATAs since JRD TATA started expanding business in India. Listening to this news and a 500 rupees discount coupon I quickly downloaded the app and decided to buy a product. Couple of observations

  • The 500 rupees off discount coupon (Promo code CLIQ500) did not work for me on May 28th. When I entered the coupon I got a message saying “Expired Code”.

My order summary

  • The mobile app has couple of glitches like you see below. You cannot view your orders, available coupons and transaction history. There are some bugs that need to be fixed


  • The look and feel of the app is good. I could easily browse through various products, and categories made it much simpler to discover them.
  • The mobile app and web definitely read my mind when it comes to arranging products.
  • The brand TATA speaks for itself. All the products seem to look genuine and even though the promo code did not work for me, I am sure the ordered product (ordered a juicer) will be of good quality.

One feedback I want to give, if more than “couple of millions” are spent on an intelligent platform, make sure that the production level mobile app has no bugs. Bugs and invalid promo codes pave way for competitors like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal to get a stronger grip on existing market share. On the whole the TATA CliQ is a good store like Westside and Croma and I hope it delivers the experience that was promised.




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